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Woods of Ypres - wwoods IV: The Green Album

Woods of Ypres - wwoods IV: The Green AlbumTracklist:

1. Shards of Love 05:18
2. Everything I Touch Turns to Gold (Then to Coal)
3. By the Time You Read This...I Will Already be Dead
4. I Was Buried... in Mount Pleasant Cemetery 07:58
5. Dirty Window of Opportunity 05:14
6. And I Am Pining (For You) 08:15
7. Wet Leather 04:31
8. Suicide Cargoload (Drag that Weight!) 04:04
9. Halves and Quarters 02:25
10. You Are Here With Me (In This Sequence of Dreams)
11. Retrosleep (In the Morning Calm) 03:25
12. Don’t Open The Wounds 04:5813. Natural Technologies 04:54
14. Mirror Reflection 07:03
15. The Long Life in the Limbo Union 04:08
16. Move On! (The Woman Will Always Leave the Man)

Ya subi un par de albums de esta banda y nunca me voy a cansar de subirlos, siempre que haya porque es una mis bandas favoritas, (tengo muchas!!! jajaja).

Espero les guste.

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